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Psychological Services

Therapeutic Approach & Orientation

I aim to create a genuinely collaborative, warm, and nonjudgmental space that I hope makes it easier to open up and engage. I provide evidence-based care, by which I mean my work is rooted in what scientific research reveals about best care practices. My orientation and training is primarily in cognitive-behavioral therapy and psychodynamic therapy, and I also draw from mindfulness-based approaches, depending on an individual's goals, their preferences, and relevant science. I acknowledge the reality of systemic oppression, and strive to provide equitable care for people of all identities, backgrounds, and lived experiences.

Individual Therapy

I offer psychotherapy for adult individuals. Most sessions are weekly and 50-60 minutes, although this can vary based on the treatment goals and preferences.

Couples Therapy

I offer couples therapy according to the Psychobiological Approach for Couples Therapy (PACT) model. Sessions are recommended to be in-person, weekly, and are between one and two hours long.


Get Started

How to begin

To get started, reach out to me for a brief, free phone consultation in which we will determine whether your needs match with what I offer. 


At the beginning of therapy, we will take time to do a thorough assessment and discuss the focus and goals. For those who are concerned about expenses, we can discuss strategies to maximize benefit while keeping time in therapy to a minimum.


I currently offer therapy both in-person in south Austin and virtually in the state of Texas. There is now considerable scientific evidence that teletherapy is no less effective than face-to-face therapy.

Current availability

As of now (2/4/23), I have a short waitlist (1-2 weeks) for new patients.


My rate is 180 dollars for 50 minutes and I prorate for other times as necessary. I do not accept insurance, although I am happy to provide superbills for out-of-network reimbursement. A portion of my sessions are based on a sliding scale fee for patients for whom the fee would be a burden. Documentation of finances is required for sliding scale eligibility.


I primarily schedule sessions during business hours (Monday-Friday from 8-4), and I schedule a few sessions on Wednesday evenings and mid-morning Saturdays. At the moment, in-person sessions are only available Monday through Thursday. We can discuss scheduling further during the brief phone consultation.

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